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Barddair an Cheoil

Barddair an Cheoil (the poet’s words in music) is a performance collective of musicians and poets from Wales and Ireland committed to working together, writing and performing in their native languages.  Influenced by their own and each other’s traditions, they nevertheless cross many genres, from blues to sean nos to gipsy jazz and cerdd dant.  At one moment they may perform as individuals, the next in a rapidly-changing series of combinations, occasionally as an ensemble.


Having grown out of a project to support composition and performances in Irish and Welsh, the core group of four musicians and two poets (Padraig Jack, Méabh Ní Bheaglaoich and Róisín Sheehy from Ireland; Osian Morris, Matilda Kirk and Meic Llewellyn from Wales) first met in 2020 and developed their relationship digitally for some months, producing a streamed concert to celebrate World Curlew Day in April 2021.  The enthusiastic, positive feedback encouraged them hugely, and they moved forward to a first physical tour in September 2021.

 The four concerts took place entirely in the open air, and were supported by the Celtic Rainforest Project of RSPB, ECHOES (a Welsh-Irish environmental charity) and Noson Allan/ Night Out, the community music agency of the Arts Council of Wales.  For the tour they were joined by Doimnic MacGiolle Bhride and Frances Morton from Donegal, and Grug Muse, Tegid Rhys Roberts and Pixie Tom Owen from Gwynedd.

The tour was another great success.  Three of the four open-air concerts were sold out, and audience response was once again overwhelmingly enthusiastic.  Within the collective new collaborations, between musicians and musicians, musicians and poets, crossing genres and merging languages, emerged on a daily basis, and agreement was reached to tour together again in January 2022, this time in Connemara and the Aran Islands.  Three concerts are planned, in combination with live streaming, video and audio recording.  Discussions are currently taking place with Wales Arts International and Ealain na Gaeltachta to raise some necessary financial support.

“Don’t know how you achieved it, but it felt more spontaneous than many live gigs do.  Try to preserve this, going forward – it’s precious!”  Inverness, Alba

“Striking, well made, and very powerful songs.”  Santander, Colombia.

“I have to tell you that I watched the show last night and I really enjoyed it.  The music was great!  Soothing and sort of healing – a great experience.  The Celtic languages reminded me of another language family – my own!“  Novi Sad, Serbia

“I’ve watched the video four times now, and will watch it again.  I love it all.  I love them all. They all brought something different to the performance.”  Ceredigion, Cymru



For more information: 

+44 7971 789722

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